Domestic Shutter Doors

Roller shutter doors provide great security for many garages and workshops; their ‘roller-shutter’ mechanism is also used in vans, large windows, and warehouses.

A roller shutter door usually consists of multiple horizontal bars or slats that have been hinged together, when opened these slats can either fold or roll on top each other. When the door needs to be closed, the slats are then lowered, extending themselves to close the door.

With the increased need for security in the home, there has been extensive development and marketing of shutter units that provide security while also looking attractive on the property. Most of them are considerably smaller than the shutter doors used for shops and other industrial purposes.

They also provide a protection from nocturnal radiation and have the ability store heat well during the winter. Some special roller shutter doors are available where the laths have been filled with foam to provide better insulation.

For further convenience in home use, many roller shutter units can be opened and closed automatically. There is usually an electric motor that has been fitted in the roller and as the motor turns it either opens or closes the door.

These types are generally activated through remotes or sensors and are used by many modern families. Manual doors are also popular and generally used for shops and warehouses, usually a gear drive is attached at the top of at the door so it either can be lifted up manually or cranked to open up wide.