Looking After Your Newly Refinished Hardwood Floors

There is nothing quite like looking down at your hardwood floor when it has been newly refinished.

Of course you will want to keep that good looking finish for as long as possible. You might be tempted to think you’re in for a future of hard cleaning and foul smelling floor cleaners but you’d be wrong. Looking after your hardwood floors doesn’t have to be at all difficult. It’s simply a question of putting into practice a few simple rules to make sure you can take good care of your floors.

Okay, so what do I need to do on a daily basis?

Think sweeping! You can use a vacuum to get up any dust or dirt if you want to, but make sure whatever you use isn’t abrasive. Go for a soft broom or a soft attachment on your vacuum to get the best results.

This will remove any dirt or grit that may have been trodden in from outside. As such it will protect your floor and ensure that it is less likely to get scratched from any such material. Also if you do it daily it will take a lot less time to complete.

Is there anything I shouldn’t be doing?

Avoid using wax based products or anything with oil in it as this can damage your floor. Another thing you shouldn’t do – although it doesn’t actually relate to cleaning – is to move anything across the floor without lifting it. Dragging anything – especially heavy furniture – is going to cause damage.

We all drop things from time to time but try not to drop things on your hardwood floor if you can help it. It could dent the floor, cause damage to it and need repairing in the process.

What about regular cleaning?

Regular cleaning is the best way to make sure your floors don’t build up any dirt or grime that could cause damage or a substandard finish over time. But obviously it’s important to make sure you do it in the right way.

For instance it starts with having the right cleaning product. Don’t use anything abrasive – this applies to both the cleaners and the cloths or mops you use to clean the floor with. You should have had some information about your floor when it was refinished, so read it and get an idea of what you can and can’t use.

You’ll usually find that water based cleaners are the best ones to use, and they have the advantage of not giving off any nasty fumes or smells either. Just remember not to use too much – stick with damp cloths or mops and don’t pour any cleaner or water onto the floor itself.

So there you have it – some great advice to keep your hardwood floors looking great! A lot of the things you should and shouldn’t do are really common sense. In addition a few small daily tasks will lead to a continued good looking floor for the future too.